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Open documents and more market and workplace.
Electronic Perusals Pool.

  • Open market and workplace containing documents system regulated by international rules and laws and generates finances with user data, a business-partners program and optional and possible non-function breaking advertisements.
  • Everyone has the lawable right to use epu.mode42.net by the conditions.
  • The minimum age for membership is 18 years.
  • Inhuman, pseudo-critical and criminal activities result in a temp. or lifelong exclusion.
  • Members have to eventually deposit a duplicate of the own personal id card and actual real personal data for official rightness.
  • An company long storage of all the official documents, logs and more is planned for justical and political rightness and future security.
  • Only we, you and your customers knows your real data if required.
  • Epu.mode42.net is a open free of costs only transactions lead to costs, except mass production market and workplace.
  • By more then 35 products there are a one-time payment of 0,25US¢ or 0,25EU¢ per product excepted open source and public domain.
  • Client-software solutions are possible by the advertisements rules and the conditions.
  • In the situation of transfer documents and affiliated there is an 3,5% payment of the sum of transaction from the vendor.
  • Resale only in accordance with the provisions of international law and the guidelines of the producer.
  • All users/official are pointed out in this moment, that any material and license which according to international rules and laws as legally and legally accepted can be offered here, thus no way out of international rules and laws without exception.
  • Material for which an age restriction is required must be publicly circumscribed in accordance with the open format.
  • Please take absolute care of your rights and your copyrights by all possibilities that are currently available and will be available in the future.
  • For protection there is absolutely no warranty and possibility to make Mode42.net liable for damages caused by human, technological and personal failures by int. rules and laws.

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